Month: March 2017

Will a hearing aid help or hurt my hearing loss?

Will a hearing aid help my hearing loss? Most people with hearing loss can be successfully treated with hearing aids. Medical treatments and surgical procedures are helpful for only five percent of adults with hearing loss. Hearing aids cannot cure hearing

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Extended Wear Hearing Aids

Extended Wear Hearing Aids Extended Wear Hearing aids are very small hearing aids that are non-surgically placed in the ear canal by an audiologist/ specialist. They are worn up to several months at a time without removal. The devices are made

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Health conditions, drugs that cause or worsen tinnitus.

Tinnitis is a ringing, roaring, buzzing or similar unreal sound in the real world, but is heard as an actual sound in a persons ear. In many cases, an exact cause of Tinnitis is never found.  A common cause of

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