Open Fit Hearing aid ear tip /Dome  Does it slip in/out of your ear?  

Do you want to improve your hearing in noisy situations?

      If you hear better by putting your finger over your canal, you will really benefit from sealing your Dome (tube tip)..

            Are you tired of feedback whistling from your ear?

  • Slipping of the ear tip (dome) is annoying, dangerous and doesn't give the best hearing results.
  • These frustrating problems  and more, are solved with a low-cost HCPB Ear Mold.
  • At the right is an OPEN FIT hearing aid with Slim Tube and a Dome/ tip on the end. It is made with soft, 2 part,  Medical grade Silicone putty that solves these frustrating problems, when added to your hearing aid tube/tip, it cures firmly in less than  10 minutes. 

OPEN FIT  hearing aid + HCPB Silicone 2 part putty

 Hi, I'm Don, the inventor of silicone rubber ear molds in 1965. I had worn hearing aids for 10 yrs and was frustrated with the common hard uncomfortable 'Lucite' ear molds that made my ears sore. So, I made flexible, comfortable and better hearing silicone ear molds for myself and my patients. About 10 yrs later the labs began making copies. They require  impressions mailed to them, costs high and takes weeks to receive.

But no one has duplicated all the benefits of my ear INSTANT DIY molds, in the last 40 yrs.  and my price is the lowest, because I sell directly to you.

Let me explain the simple, quick and low-cost process

       The OPEN FIT Hearing Aid SLIM Sound TUBE has a very narrow channel to make it inconspicuous, but  not to provide high fidelity sound transmission. Open Fit aids have a very flexible Open (vented) silicone rubber tip (dome) on the end of the tube to help hold it in the ear canal and optional Closed Domes that try to seal the canal. It doesn't work very well on most ears. The reason is, the tips are round, but the ear canals are oval and no two ears are exactly the same shape. They offer open (ventilated) and optional closed tips (for those with low frequency losses), in 3 or 4 different diameters to try to better match your ear shape requirements. So Their attempt to make "ONE SHAPE FITS ALL" often results in sore ears, or a loose slipping tip and lower hearing quality, especially in noisy locations. 

       Mild losses sloping down in the high frequencies that start at 500 CPS (HZ)30 decibels, or less will generally hear well with an Open Dome (vented holes).

       Moderate to Severe hearing losses  that begin at 500 HZ (CPS) at 40-50 decibels will usually hear better with a closed (non-vented) dome and an ear mold.

      So, if you want security, comfort, clarity, improved hearing in noisy locations, control of your own hearing satisfaction and lowest cost, then we provide the lowest-cost solutions to these problems, in the comfort of your own home.

You can make your own ear mold in only 3 minutes and takes about 10 minutes for final cure, after you mix the 2 part non-allergenic, Medical Grade, very soft, NON=STICKY silicone rubber putty that will conform to the EXACT SHAPE of your ear canal. Your finished ear mold will last about 6 to 12 mo, depending on our body chemistry and care in handling. If you don't like the appearance of the ear mold you can make many remakes because the kit will make about 24 average size ear molds. There are easy to follow printed instructions included in the kit and it doesn't require any special skill, just follow easy, simple instructions. We are here to help you if you have a problem.

Product orders are shipped by FREE USPS 3 DAY PRIORITY MAIL within 6 to 24 hrs. Most orders are shipped  that same day, if received by 12 noon.

You can forget the usual hearing aid Dealer/ Specialist/Audiologist Ear Mold cost of $80 to $200 EACH. The average cost of HCPB Open Fit molds is less than $3 each, with FREE USPS     3 DAY PRIORITY shipping.

Your kit will have enough medical grade silicone rubber putty to make a second or a third, or more, ear molds, until you are completely satisfied with the result. The remaining silicone rubber can be stored in a sealed plastic bag for later use.

Keep in mind: that you can easily modify your new ear mold, within 10 minutes to suit your hearing loss, comfort, appearance and individual hearing needs.

Your satisfaction is assured by  OUR:    30 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE



Easy printed instructions come with each kit. There are tutorial videos for making the ear mold ( see the video at the top of this page) and a tutorial video on how to make modifications. The instructions consider the different types of hearing losses and advise you how to make it suit your individual needs.  If you get stuck you may call the inventor at: 1(928)499-1043.

OPEN FIT KIT           MAKES          24 CANAL EAR MOLDS

  • 24-Ear-Mold-Kit-OPEN-FIT-DIY-STAYS-IN-flexible-all-day-comfort-good-hearing

    COMPLETED  comfortable ear mold

  • 24-Ear-Mold-Kit-OPEN-FIT-DIY-STAYS-IN-flexible-all-day-comfort-good-hearing
  • OPEN FIT  EAR MOLD  inconspicuously worn in right ear, above...
  • below KIT includes 2 (24 mold) containers of silicone putty,         ONE WHITE AND 1 COLORED.  

  • Just measure 1/8 teaspoon of color and 1/8 teaspoon of white per ear mold, . Next, mix the 2 colors together for 30 seconds, then apply the mixture to your Dome/ tube, insert in the ear and in ten minutes you have a permanent custom fit ear mold. 
  • 3 SKIN color choices: TAN, BROWN OR DARK BROWN.
  • Tan Kit is shown below
  • 24-Ear-Mold-Kit-OPEN-FIT-DIY-STAYS-IN-flexible-all-day-comfort-good-hearing
Soft Medical grade silicone rubber kit is available in 3 different skin colors.

It only takes 3 minutes to make a custom, exact-fit OPEN FIT canal ear mold.  1) MEASURE 2) MIX, 3) APPLY ON DOME/TUBE AND 4) INSERT IN EAR.

Discomfort issues can be managed by you, without delays or trips to someone's office.​

There is enough DIY soft Medical grade silicone putty to make 24 average size ear molds, REMAKE IN CASE YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED WITH YOUR INITIAL RESULTS.

  1. It only takes 3 minutes to make your own DIY custom ear mold and in 10 minutes you can personalize, or modify it to your satisfaction.
  2. Eliminate the slipping in and out of the ear.
  3.  Improve your overall hearing aid performance, especially in noisy locations.

What People Are Saying About Our Solutions

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I can hear better than i had hoped and no slipping out.”

“Your shipment was prompt. The kit was actually better than I had hoped or expected. It was very easy to make and modify the mold to suit my hearing loss. My right ear is high pitched loss and the left ear is more severe and not so sloping, but by following your instructions, I am very satisfied with my comfort and improved hearing clarity.

My order was received in 2 days, free shipping, and I had earmolds within an hour of opening the package. GREAT PRODUCT."

Bill Warner

I think it is a great product...”

I bought the 24 mold kit from you a few years ago. I think it is a great product and did everything that you said. They don't wiggle and slip out of my ears anymore and I hear much more clearly, especially in noisy locations.

But, I bought my aids from a hearing aid dealer on ebay, he goes by the name of biddybid. I had an issue with one Hansaton "Inara" hearing aid. He responded that the reason for the problem with the aid was what I was using it with earmolds, instead of open fit, RIC (Receiver In Canal). Be informed that the domes snap on to the end of the receiver. I told him he was full of it, and it was just the fact that the aid was defective.

What is your take on this? Also what is the shelf life on this product? They are still working fine, but take about 15 minutes to become firm instead of the 8-10 minutes in the beginning? He had me make extra molds for reasons unknown, and when I got the hearing aids he supposedly repaired returned, I didn't check the aid after repair, before i made the molds and wasted more silicone, again. So the fact of the matter,is i am almost out of your silicone putty material, and don't want to run out. Hoping you continue to sell these kits, as they are so wonderful and low cost. You have saved me hundreds of dollars compared to the charges at the local Audiologist, who also did not want to make ear molds for me because I didn't buy the hearing aids from her.

He is one of these Russian guys, very smart but never wanting to take responsibility for anything going bad. I can say that as I have Russian heritage, also and have some of those types in my family. He finally fixed the aid and I am happy now, but I just want to make sure you will keep making your great product.

Valentina Amlinskaya

Dear HCPB,

My hearing slowly got worse and worse. A friend gave me a pair of his old Behind Ear hearing aids.

His hearing aid ear molds were custom made for his ears, not mine. I tried various domes and stock earmolds, but they would either not stay in my ears, hurt or allow feedback.

I found HCPB selling BTE silicone molds and tubes that Don Rowley invented. What a difference!

They stayed in my ears, stopped slipping out, were comfortable  and the audio was much better. How nice to have this problem solved.

I am locked in to your ear molds for life. Thanks Don.

Bert Epler, EE

John Doe
UI/UX Designer

John Doe UI/UX Designer

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get ear molds that stay in the ear with complete comfort by 14 days, just return the unused portion and we'll send you a prompt refund.

  Available in your choice of 3 skin colors

TAN Color   for Caucasian and other light skin colors.

BROWN Color for Latino, Asian Indian and other medium skin colors

DARK BROWN Color  for Very dark skin color.

if you don't want Tan (default) Select a color OPTION" below for your choice of brown or dark brown skin colors.

 Click "Buy Now" and then choose either PayPal or your credit card payment choice, only $29.77 and FREE  USPS PRIORITY 2-3 DAY shipping.