RIC Tube/Dome extension, why?, how?

10 reasons to extend ric /tip /dome length

  1. Slips out, moves in the ear when talking, chewing or exercising
  2. muffled, echo, or in-a-barrel sound.
  3. feed-back, whistling when near wall, hand or shoulder.
  4. Weak,  Insufficient volume
  5. Sore ears, uncomfortable
  6. Trouble getting best dome/tip size to fit my ear canal
  7. Distorted, unnatural Sound
  8. RIC is not deep enough in my ear canal
  9. Poor understanding in a noisy place
  10. The HCPB Dome Extension is the only very low-cost solution

1. Slips out, moves in the ear canal

When you talk, chew or exercise and your RIC slips or moves and you keep pushing it back in your ear, it can be very frustrating and the constant pushing back in can cause soreness, or itching in the ear canal. You might have tried a larger size Dome/Tip to make it more secure, only to make your ear sore from excessive pressure. Does the irritation cause itching, burning or other discomfort? Has your Audiologist/Specialist been unable to satisfy you after repeated tries?

Extending the RIC Dome about 1/4" deeper in the canal will move past the 2nd bend and provide a lock to prevent sipping out. When you apply the extension to your RIC, you are able to control the depth and distance to the ear drum. An HCPB Dome Extension provides the solution.

2. Muffled, echo, or in-a-barrel sound.

Numerous studies have shown that the larger the distance from the RIC to the ear drum gives an echo, unless the Dome ore earmold is vented. That is why many domes are chosen with openings in the side wall/skirt.  Studies have also shown that the closer that the tip gets to the ear drum, the less echo is experienced. Some studies have demonstrated that when the RIC tip is about 1/8"-3/16" from the ear drum, the in-a-barrel sound quality is greatly reduced or completely eliminated. An HCPB Dome Extension provides the solution.

  • Feed-back, whistling, near wall, hand or shoulder.
  • If you are annoyed with feed-back when you pass your hand by your ear, or turn your hear facing your shoulder, or a wall, you need a better seal for the RIC in your ear canal. The amplified sound is being allowed to leak back out of the canal past the Dome/tip and is picked up by the microphone and some resonant frequencies are re-amplified, causing the feed-back. If your hearing aid has AVC, it will turn down the volume, though you may want normal volume. This leakage also causes distortion and confusion by exaggerating some of the frequencies. An HCPB Dome Extension will give a deeper seal, eliminate the feed-back problem and the resultant effect will be a smoother frequency response and a more consistent, natural sound quality.

    • Weak,  insufficient , Gain, volume

    An HCPB Dome Extension provides the solution by moving the RIC (speaker) closer to the ear drum and giving a longer surface to seal, less air to compress and less leakage of the amplified sound.

    Remaining description in process..... They will be available with your choice of dome size and tube extension length... $19.95, ea. or Add $9.95 to price of Ear mold kits...

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