SOLVE Hearing Aid problems Ways

  • Slipping in or out of ear 
  • Feedback whistling from ear
  • Soreness in ear from Dome/tube
  • Hearing aid falling off/out of ear
  • reduce tickle or itching in canal
  • Improve sound quality, volume, and frequency range

 Custom Ear molds can greatly enhance your listening experience. Custom Ear molds are used with Behind-The-Ear, RIC, OPEN FIT, In- The-Ear hearing aids and Body worn hearing Aids.

They are the solution for many common hearing aid problems.

  • Increase the perceived hearing aid volume and frequency response.
  • Custom-fit earmolds (Ear Molds) are often needed to ensure the best performance. 
  • Keep it from wiggling and slipping in or out of the ear 
  • keeping out noise, especially in noisy situations
  •  giving you comfort, .prevent Dome sore ears, itching, tickling
  • Reduce or prevent whistling feedback

An open tube/tip Dome doesn’t keep the noise out, but an ear mold can. 

An ear mold is a piece of plastic, acrylic, silicone rubber or other material shaped to fit a patient’s ear canal, and/or the outer ear structure (conchs) surrounding the ear canal.

Ear mold styles vary according to level and type of hearing loss, and the style of hearing aid with which they’re paired. In many cases, CANAL ear molds sit inside the ear canal, hidden from view.

Other times, lab (Audiologist) SHELL, SKELETON ear molds sit in the conchs bowl as well as in the ear canal. If you require a custom ear mold, your hearing care professional will take an impression of your ear canal and outer ear using a quick-setting plastic substance. The ear impression is sent to a specialty lab where it’s turned into a replica (ear mold) of your ear shape.


  • 1st, is the least expensive $2 to $12 ea, DIY (Do It Yourself) by HCPB where you are in control for your immediate satisfaction.  
  • 2nd, make an appointment with your hearing aid provider to make impressions of your ears and send them to a remote ear mold lab and when it returns, after 2 weeks, call you for an appointment to fit and adjust as necessary. You return for further appointments and  modifications as needed.
  •  In order to have a custom earmold made by your Dealer/ provider, Specialist or Audiologist, they need to make impressions of  your ears. Making impressions of your ears takes about 15 – 20 minutes.
  • Below are 3 types of Lab ear molds, canal, canal hook and skeleton. There is also shell (not shown)
  • followed by  a sample ear impression

A Custom Earmold can:

 reduce the possibility of feedback since it forms a better airtight seal in the ear (unless it is vented) vs. a generic ear piece, earbud, dome/tip, keeps it more secure in the ear since it will take advantage of all the contours of your ear to hold it in place and prevent it from slipping in or out of the ear. Eliminate sore ears from a too tight fitting Dome

DIY Earmolds are used on all types of Hearing Aids

below are the 3 most common types

RIC DIYcustom earmold (Receiver in Canal) $2 to $5 each. HCPB

The Cutom DIY earmold covers the RIC/Dome and tube and fits inconspicuously inside the ear canal providing a comfortable secure tube.

Read more and order at below link

Permanent comfortable ear mold

OPEN FIT DIY Canal Earmold 

$2 to $5 each, HCPB

The Cutom DIY earmold covers the Dome/ tube and fits inconspicuously inside the ear canal providing a comfortable secure tube.

BTE (Behind The Ear)    DIY CANAL EARMOLD $12 each mold

BTE earmold kits include a new HCPB pre-shaped tubes. The kit can make canal or shell earmolds depending on the hearing loss and type of hearing aids. included ARE PRINTED INSTRUCTIONS AND VIDEO on utube.

LAB/ DEALER EARMOLDS  cost $80 to $200 each.

Various Canal (vented) earmolds in above photo,  bottom.1/2 Skeleton earmold, 2nd and 3rd. Top earmold is full shell. in above photo. It takes 10 to 20 days to be fitted by your provider after your ear impression is taken and they are mailed back from the Lab.. They are usually made of hard material and can cause soreness in the ear canal, requiring re-appointment  provider modification.

Whether you make your own earmolds at home in 10 minutes or have your hearing aid provider make ear impressions and wait 2-3 weeks is your choice.

An inconspicuous custom, DIY comfortable CANAL earmold is worn in the left photo. with RIC/OPEN FIT hearing aid.

It takes only 10 minutes to complete an ear mold after you mix the soft 2 part medical grade silicone rubber putty.  and you can make modifications yourself as explained in the kit enclosed printed instructions. 

YOU ARE IN CONTROl and we are ready to help.



 (Behind The Ear) Hearing aid

4 earmolds DIY kit with 2 tubes is shown below.

Note: The pre-formed HCPB tubes are for connection to the hard CURVED ear hook. as shown in the above left photo.

Tubes are not for RIC or Open Fit hearing aids.

       24 TO 30  EARMOLDs diy KIT IS BELOW                 

 lowest cost $2 per earmold because You measure the 1/8th teaspoon portions and save big. The same HCPB pre-shaped tubes, as above, are included and printed instructions, plus video is available. You may also call or email questions.

A custom HCPB EarMold can block outside noise, REDUCE FEED BACK, improve your  hearing quality, increase loudness volume, hold the tube/Dome securely in the ear and prevent it from slipping out....

 It takes less than 10 minutes to make with the above 24 to 30 earmolds kit. 

Just measure one eighth teaspoon of white soft putty from the kit and 1/8 tsp colored soft putty. Mix them together and apply to the HCPB tube/ Dome, insert the tube with wrapped mixture in the ear for 10 minutes and you will have your own DIY permanent earmold, as shown below, 

Open Fit hearing aid + EB Silicone putty 2 parts above....


Below left, the 2 colors of putty have been mixed and are wrapped around the sound tube/dome.


 Next is a finished, permanent earmold, made in the exact shape of my left ear.

    Then it is inserted in the ear canal to form an exact fit earmold.

 above is a Permanent, comfortable, DIY ear mold.... The impression becomes the ear mold in only 10 minutes.



The tube/tip is no longer loose in the ear. You can talk, chew, walk and move with confidence. 

It will stay put.


Earmold made with your  Open Fit Slim tube cost only $2, not $80-$200...


Eliminated sore ears. Smoother hearing quality. Broader frequency response. Improved low frequency

hearing. Eliminate FEEDBACK.


       Before I made my new HCPB earmolds my life was too restricted.  I couldn't play tennis, go jogging, or similar activity because my hearing aid slipped, sometimes fell off. If I took them off, then I couldn't hear well. My Audiologist wanted $300 for two molds and she said it would take about 20 days after an ear impressions appointment. 

       Instead, I discovered  your HCPB Do-it-yourself earmolds and for less than $30 for both ears.  Your easy kit arrived in 3 days and that same day my problems were solved. The earmolds are comfortable, I hear better in most situations and THEY STAY IN MY EARS WITHOUT SLIPPING OR FALLING OUT.

I am soooo very happy... 

Marie Foster




My main problem was difficulty understanding my husband and other male voices, including TV and cellphone. I noticed that I could hear much better by putting my finger over my ear where the tube enters. My Audiologist tried different Dome tips, but they were not better and some made my ear sore others were too loose, tickled, itched and slipped out. Her cost was $250 for custom molds.

Then I discovered your HCPB earmold kits. Now I am a happy wife, understanding my husband and he is happy not to keep repeating. My new earmolds are not only comfortable, but they are inconspicuous.

Thanks, HCPB.

Anna Olson blogger


When it came time to replace my Audiologist earmolds, I discovered your website and was soooo pleased with your fast service, low cost (saved $200), more comfortable and my improved hearing.

Thanks very much.

Jane Dawson



I heard about your products from a long-time customer who was very happy with your service. So I took a chance on his recommendation and am really glad that I did. My Audiologist was unable to satisfy my Open Fit poor hearing in noisy situations, slipping out and sore ears. But with my new silicone DIY ear molds, I now hear so much better and I made them myself, quickly at home. How great is that?

Thank you for a great low-cost product.

John Daniels

Internet Tech.


Dear HCPB,

My hearing slowly got worse and worse. A friend gave me a pair of his old BTE hearing aids.

His hearing aid ear molds were custom made for his ears, not mine. I tried various domes and stock earmolds, but they would either not stay in my ears, hurt or allow feedback.

I found HCPB selling BTE silicone molds and tubes that Don Rowley invented. What a difference!

They stayed in my ears, stopped slipping out, were comfortable and the audio was much better. How nice to have these problems solved. I even sleep with my hearing aids.

I am locked in to your ear molds for life. Thanks Don.

Bert Epler, EE

Bert Epler, EE



            If not 100% satisfied, return it for a FULL REFUND, less postage.


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                   ABOUT THE  INVENTOR

Don Rowley, Inventor




       Hi, I’m Don Rowley, the inventor of flexible silicone rubber ear molds in 1965. I had worn 2 hearing aids for 10 yrs and was frustrated with the usual hard, uncomfortable Lab ear molds that made my ears sore, did not stop feedback and gave less than the best results. So, I made flexible, comfortable and better hearing silicone ear molds for myself and later for my patients.

About 10 yrs later the earmold labs began making copies, but no one has duplicated all the benefits of my HCPB, DIY Ear molds and my price is the very lowest at $2- $19 each, because I sell bulk directly to you and understand the use and experience of hearing aids better than the sellers of hearing aids that have normal hearing. If you have purchased an ear mold from your hearing aid provider, paid $80 to $200 each and had many problems, you will really appreciate being in control of your own hearing satisfaction, save time and a very large amount of money.

   HCPB =   Hearing, Correction, Protection + Benefits

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