stop Dome, tube slipping in ear

We explain how to stop hearing aid Dome/ tubing from slipping in the ear canal in this article.

If your Dome (ear tip) slips in or out of your ear, you are not alone. It is a common problem and it is no wonder. The Domes are round but your ear canal is irregular and more oval shaped.

The solution is easily and inexpensively solved. Instead of using a tight-fit dome, use a slightly smaller size (preferably OPEN FIT), for comfort. Then mix a small portion of HCPB Medical Grade silicone putty and add it to the dome and tube before inserting it in the ear

The new cstom fit earmold that you made in just 3 minutes will now comfortably lock it in the ear and a side effect will be improved hearing. There will no longer be any dome slippage in the ear and it will prevent the hearing aid from falling off the ear. This will also prevent the dome tip from coming off the tube and staying in the ear, if you have used an Open (not closed ) dome.

For RIC Hearing aids $19.88 Makes 4 earmolds kit For 24 bulk earmold kit $29.77

For OPEN FIT Hearing aids: 4 earmold kit $19.88 For 24 bulk earmold kit: $29.77

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