WHY Hearing Aid EARMOLDS ?

Earmolds for Hearing Aids?

Hearing aid Earmolds (Ear Molds) can improve the listening experience of almost all hearing aids, BTE (Behind Ear), OE (Over the Ear), RIC (Receiver In Ear), OPEN FIT and IN The Ear aids. 

There can also be helpful for MP 3 players, motorcycle, off-road vehicles, aircraft insert headphones and cell phones.

Hearing Aid Earmolds

When a hearing loss patient selects a hearing aid —such as BTE (behind The Ear) hearing aids, RIC, or OPEN FIT— Custom-fit earmolds (Ear Molds) are often needed to ensure optimum performance, retention in the ear (keep from falling out) and comfort, especially in noisy situations. An open tube/tip doesn’t keep the noise out, but a well-fitted ear mold can. An OPEN FIT TIP can also easily fall out of the ear.

Hearing Aid Earmolds are a molded piece of plastic, hard acrylic, soft silicone rubber or other soft material shaped to fit a patient’s ear canal, and/or the outer ear structure (concha) surrounding the ear canal. Earmold types vary according where you purchase, the level of hearing loss, and the style of hearing aid, or device with which they’re connected. In many cases, earmolds fit only inside the ear canal (HCPB DIY), hidden from view. Other times, earmolds fit in the concha bowl as well as in the ear canal, shell and 1/2 shell. 

If you request a custom ear mold from your hearing care professional. They will take an impression of your ear canal and outer ear using a quick-setting plastic or silicone-like substance. The impression is sent to a specialty lab where it’s turned into an earmold replica of your ear structures.

A good Custom Earmold will greatly enhance your listening experience.  In order to have a custom earmold made, yoou need to have impressions of  your ear taken and mailed to an earmold lab. Or, you can make your own within 10 minutes, using HCPB DIY silicone rubber kits.

Making impressions of your ears is a very simple and usually safe process. Tens of thousands of customers have done this over the past 60 years.

A Custom Earmold will:

1) reduce the possibility of feedback since it forms a better airtight seal in the ear vs. a generic ear piece, earbud, dome/tip, (the ‘mushroom’ insert), 2) keep it more secure in the ear since it will take advantage of all the curves and contours of the your ear to hold it all in place, and 3) help reduce the occlusion effect. Occlusion is where a person’s ears feel ‘stuffy.’ People describe occlusion as if they are talking in a barrel.  It’s the same effect you have when you talk if your ears are all plugged up.

The occlusion effect is reduced by having the custom earmold vent (or loose fitting). A ‘breathing hole’ or ‘channel’ is usually drilled through the canal portion. Sometimes, if too much of the volume of the hearing aid escapes out through the vent hole it can cause the device to feedback/whistle/ squeal. Sometimes the answer is to plug the hole with lambs wool, to act as a filter, or simply to slightly remove a small portion of the material all along 1 side or the bottom, from front to back.

New Custom Laboratory Earmolds are made to attach to the speaker  (receiver) of the device. Plastic tubing is installed in it (for Behind-The-Ear aids). The plastic tubing is what attaches to the aid by slipping it over the earhook of the BTE hearing aid. The Curved Tubing is specially molded for hearing aid and Custom Earmold use. If you try to use straight tubing, it will crimp as it makes its right angle into the Custom Earmold and will prevent sound from passing through.

The HCPB  DIY EarMold silicones is DIY EARMOLDS for Hearing Aids, cell phones, aircraft, motocycles, Electronic Ear plugs  and other listening in noise situations…

The HCPB Instant Mold Silicone allows you, the 

consumer to make a professional looking, custom earmolds, directly in the office,

or home, in only minutes for your hearing aid. 

Permanent comfortable ear mold
Comfortable, Hearing Aid Earmold

There are earmolds for many applications available on this website. See the menu.

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