hearing aid molds prices

Hearing aid molds prices range from $2 each to over $200 each.


Provider/seller ear molds cost from $80 to $250 each, hat is, the person who sold you your hearing aid.

 Some of  the popular Audiologist from Laboratory earmolds are at the left in the below photo. They cost from $80 to $250 EACH, DEPENDING ON YOUR HEARING AID PROVIDER’s FEE who sold and adjusted it.. 

Those above, on the left, are Lab molds, made of Lucite, acrylic and Urethane hard plastic and these particular molds are made for BTE, Behind The Ear Hearing aids. They require an impression of your ear be taken, mailed to a factory where the ear mold is made and mailed back to the seller. Upon receipt, the seller calls you for an appointment. This entire process typically takes from 9 to 21 days. You may also need to return to fix problems and make adjustments.

The remaining earmolds above on the right are made for BTE hearing Aids. Those in the center are for RIC and Open Fit hearing aids. They are  DIY from HCPB Ear mold Kits that are made from flexible Medical Grade Silicone rubber putty at a cost of $2 Each to $12 Each. They take only 10 minutes to make in your own home

You are in control HCPB rar molds for your satisfaction. They are available in 3 skin colors, Tan, Brown and Dark Brown. They work with ALL BRANDS and MODEL Hearing Aids and are shipped PRIORITY in 2 to 3 day USPS FREE.

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