Hearing aid use problem

What is the #1 cause of problems with hearing aids?
In fact, what can cause your hearing aid to stop working?
Ear Wax!
Earwax ruins hearing aids more than anything. There’s not a close second.
The Ear wax migrates up the sound channel tube to the speaker (receiver) and gradually disables it.
But, you can do something about it. Many manufacturers offer WAX GUARDS to place at the end of the ear mold, RIC, or Open Fit tube/tip. They quickly plug up for many people and are then replaced. Another solution that has been used for decades (lasts longer than the Wax Guards) is Lambs Wool.
You simply insert a very small amount in the end of the tube and if it gets plugged, you discard it or clean it in Hydrogen Peroxide and after it dries, you replace it. Don’t pack the Lambs Wool too tight, or it will filter and reduces the sound volume. Of course the WAX GUARDS also slightly reduce┬ásome of the sound transmission. But it is good insurance against Ear Wax damaging your hearing aid.

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