How long do ear molds last in use?

The answer to “how long do earmolds last?,  depends on your hearing loss type and body chemistry. The flexible sound tubing dries and becomes less flexible with time and certain skin types this happens much sooner (4 to 6 months). The average is about 6 mo to 12 mo. The tubing  evaporates plasticizer in the tube that keeps it flexible. The earmold silicone rubber is good for 4 mo to 2 years, again depending on the skin and loss type.

If you have a severe loss, you need more frequent replacements because the shape of the canal changes due to daily exercising of the jaw when chewing and talking. This severe loss works best with a tight seal, so as the ear canal changes you need to make a new mold to match the new shape. Applying a small amount of face cream to the sides of the mold before insertion helps to extend the useful life and improves ease of insertion especially for older persons with thin skin (like me).

Mild to moderate hearing losses don’t have to make new molds as often as they don’t need as tight a seal, especially if you have a falling high frequency falling shaped loss, that have little low frequency loss., but increasing high frequency loss.

Another factor that affects the life of the ear mold is how well it is made and handled when inserted and removed. When removing it from the ear, Pull back on the ear flap (Pinna) which straightens the canal and helps removal.

Daily wiping the mold after removal with a soapy facecloth keeps it clean, sanitized. and gives trouble-free use.

Do you have any more questions? I have been wearing and making ear molds for 50 years.


Don Rowley

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