Instructions:  Open Fit or RIC HCPB-EB Ear molds Kit, DIY

This kit supplies enough material to make many custom OPEN FIT, or RIC average size canal ear molds, depending on the size of the ear canal. It will help to retain it in the ear and improve the sound quality. The kit is made for use with soft silicone rubber tips (domes) that snap on the end of the Slim Tube, which connects to your hearing aid. The tip prevents the silicone rubber putty from touching, entering the sound opening and centers the tube in the ear.

Clean ear as normal, then clean tip and slim tube with alcohol to remove ear wax.

Wash your hands for sanitation and to remove skin oils and hand lotion. .. Turn your hearing aid on.

Mix a portion of white Medical grade silicone putty to 1 portion of colored silicone for 15 to 30 seconds, until they are one blended color. Don’t mix longer than 30 sec as the material begins to set (cure) in 60 sec. It is more important to stop mixing at 30 sec than to get a perfect blended color.

Apply the blended mixture to your clean Tip/ Slim tube, Quickly (within 15 seconds) starting at the Tip/ Dome, then cover the remainder of the silicone mixture evenly all the way around the Slim Tube,, but not in the sound opening.

Insert/ wiggle your Tip/ Tube/ pushing the silicone mixture all the way in the ear and press the mixture with the tip of your finger until it is smooth and flush in the ear. Don’t press the silicone mixture in the ear longer than 15 sec, as it begins to cure in 60 seconds. It starts to have flexible memory within 2 to 3 minutes from the initial mixing of the 2 colors. It will be 80% cured (firm) in 6 to 10 minutes ( fully cured in 30 min )from that time. While the mold is curing, open and close your mouth wide, for comfort later when talking and chewing. For a severe hearing loss, it’s important that you firmly press the mixture around the Tip/ tubing to fill the canal and prevent any empty spaces and feed-back. Keep the remaining unused silicone in cool dry place for use up to 2 yrs. Cure rate slows with time. Your ear mold should last 4 mo to 2 yrs depending on the severity of your loss and body chemistry. Keep the mold clean and Sound tip open.

If you have a mild to moderate sloping High-frequency loss, you don’t need to press the mixture so firmly in the ear, as a looser fit will allow some leakage of sound (venting) and you will get a more natural, not hollow sound. Later modify the mold to suit your hearing loss with a nail file.

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