RIC - 24 EAR MOLDS (receiver in Canal) can improve  your hearing AID performance

Learn how to make your own flexible custom Ear Molds, easily and instantly in your own home, at lowest cost.

Custom DIY (Do It Yourself) Earmolds are for all Brands of RIC Hearing Aids. They are exact fit, most comfortable, made of Medical-grade, flexible, Silicone rubber.  Each canal Ear Mold costs $2 (not $80 - $200 Ea), the DIY Kit makes about 24 average size molds and is shipped FREE.

Mix 1 colored and 1 white portion of medical grade soft silicone rubber putty, until they are 1 color (30 sec)

Then wrap the combined putty around the RIC, up to the Dome (smoke color) and insert into the ear , pressing the excess putty with your finger. Wait 10 minutes and your new custom ear mold is ready to enjoy. See next photos

This is a completed right ear HCPB custom ear mold. Note, it tapers at the wide opening on the right to the narrow tip/ dome. Also note the 2nd bend dip in the center, that provides a lock to hold it in the ear. This is a good example why domes that are round do not fit well in our oval ear canals.

This is the same ear mold and hearing aid as seen from the other side. The dome is smoky, rather than clear as provided by Phonak.

The completed HCPB ear mold fits just as far in the ear as the RIC allows. It doesn't change the appearance, unless you have a severe hearing loss and you mix a double portion of the silicone putty to make an external "Shell mold" in addition to the shown canal mold.


A custom HCPB EarMold can block outside noise, improve your  hearing quality, loudness volume, hold the RIC speaker tube securely in the ear and prevent it from slipping out, It can prevent the Dome "sore ears" and It only takes less than 10 minutes to make. Here is how it is done:

Just mix the 2 colors of soft silicone putty, as shown above, add to your RIC hearing aid ear mold tube, insert in your ear and in 10 minutes you have your own custom, permanent, INCONSPICUOUS, flexible ear mold.                                                         


             There are 3 skin color options: TAN, BROWN OR        DARK  BROWN, SELECT YOUR CHOICE, BELOW.

                          Another significant benefit of using an HCPB ear molds give a greater reduction of BACK-GROUND Noise, than can be achieved without an earmold. With a loose-fitting ear RIC/ tip (dome), the outside noise can easily leak into the ear, past the dome and add to your confusion. But, a custom made HCPB ear mold can seal the ear and prevent that noise from leaking in. Problem solved, if the hearing aid has been properly adjusted by your hearing aid provider.

The hearing aid programming is not able to correct this without a means of preventing the noise from entering the ear canal. Once the ear is fitted with a custom HCPB ear mold the hearing aid programming can then reduce the background noise, such as in a restaurant or car.

You can solve the problem of a too tight-fitting  Dome that makes your ear canal sore, by using the next smaller size Dome and your new ear mold will keep it in the ear and provide a proper seal. 

A loose-fitting ear RIC/ tip (dome) can slip in the ear canal, fall out and in some cases cause a sound vibration and itching. A custom made HCPB ear mold solves those problems. This also allows you to be physically active and not worry about your Dome slipping out and damaging your hearing aid.

                   SHELL MOLD OPTION

If you have feedback or difficulty handling the small RIC tube, you might prefer to make a larger SHELL EAR MOLD.

Instead of using 1/8th teaspoon of silicone putty, use 1/4, 1/2 tsp or more. This will fill the bowl (concha) of the ear to make a 1/2 or full shell ear mold.


Not 100% satisfied? Return it for a FULL REFUND, less postage.

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Don Rowley


       Hearing, Correction, Protection & Benefits

About the Inventor

Hi, I'm Don Rowley, the inventor of flexible silicone rubber ear molds in 1965. I had worn 2 hearing aids for 10 yrs and was frustrated with the common, hard uncomfortable Lab ear molds that made my ears sore and gave less than the best results. I made flexible, comfortable and better hearing silicone ear molds for myself and later for my patients.

About 10 yrs later the earmold labs began making copies, at $80 to $200 each, but no one has duplicated all the benefits of my HCPB, DIY Ear molds and my price is the very lowest at $2-$5 each, because I sell bulk directly to you and understand the use and experience of hearing aids better than the sellers of hearing aids that have normal hearing. If you have purchased an ear mold from your hearing aid provider, paid $80 to $200 each and had many problems, you will really appreciate being in control of your own hearing satisfaction, save time and a very large amount of  money.

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Dear HCPB,

My hearing slowly got worse and worse. A friend gave me a pair of his old BTE hearing aids.

His hearing aid ear molds were custom made for his ears, not mine. I tried various domes, stock earmolds, but they would either not stay in my ears or allowed feedback.

I found

HCPB selling BTE silicone molds and tubes that Don Rowley invented. What a difference!

They stayed in my ears, stopped slipping out and the audio was much better. How nice to have this problems solved.

I am locked in to your ear molds for life. Thanks Don.

Bert Epler

Bert Epler , EE

Dear customer service, HCPB,

I bought the 24 mold kit from you a few years ago. I think it is a great product and did everything that you said. They don't wiggle and slip out of my ears anymore and I hear much more clearly.

I use open fit, RIC (Receiver In Canal) hearing aids. The domes snap on to the end of the receiver. As your instructions say: I mix the 2 color silicones until they are one flesh color, then I cover the tube RIC, insert it in the ear and in 10 minutes I am a happy listener.

What is the shelf life on this product? They are still working, but take about 15 minutes to become firm instead of the 8-10 minutes in the beginning? After they were repaired and returned, I didn't check before i made the molds and wasted some silicone. When they came back from repair, this time, I tested them and made a new set of earmolds.

So the fact of the matter,is i am almost out of your silicone putty material, and don't want to run out. Hoping you continue to sell these kits, as they are so wonderful and low cost. You have saved me soooo many hundreds of dollars compared to the charges at the local Audiologist, who also was reluctant to make ear molds for me because I didn't buy the hearing aids from her. I am glad I found you instead.

They finally fixed the aids and I am happy now, but I just want to make sure you will keep making this great product.

Valentina Amlinskaya
Jane Smith

​Dear HCPB,

I have been wearing hearing aids a long time. I know a good seller when I come in contact with one. While, I had my doubts, I am very satisfied and grateful to have saved so much time and money that I have previously paid to my Audiologist. Instead of $200 for 2 molds, it only cost me $30 and I still have enough silicone putty left to make at least 10 more earmold sets. It only took 2 days to get my order and not the usual 2 weeks after the ear impressions were taken, which was a total of 3 weeks before the new ear mold fitting appointment. And there was often the need to go back for adjustments later to relieve soreness in my ears.

At the end of the day, I got a product where I can make my own ear molds at home, in 10 minutes, that feel good, hear better, rare feedback and fit right to work with my hearing aid receivers.

Grateful and a customer for life.

Jack wilson
Shane Melaugh

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