Testimonial Ear Mold Kit

Testimonial we just received:

“Just received my new HCPB  EARMOLD KIT today and am amazed at how clear the sound is compared to my old ones. They are also extremely comfortable to wear. I followed your clear printed instructions and modified them until they sounded perfect.

I don’t have that horrible plugged up feeling and sore ears like I used to with my old hard pair. Where I had to take them out and only wear them if I really had to. Now I will wear them all the time. They are almost invisible in my ears and being flexible is a real bonus.

I’m so glad to have discovered your website to be able to purchase high quality hearing aid custom EARMOLDS, at such an amazing low price. And it only took about 20 minutes to complete both earmolds and be satisfied. To think that I don’t have to make an appointment to have an adjustment on the molds is great. I can now do it myself. My previous lab earmolds took 2 weeks after the ear impressions were taken. And I had to go back several days later for an adjustment to relieve soreness in my ears, which were never really satisfactory.

I would recommend HCPB to anybody that has hearing loss and are looking for affordable, high quality hearing aid CUSTOM EARMOLDS.

I for one will never get hearing aid molds through a hearing medical provider ever again.

Thank you HCPB.​”

– Richard H., New Jersey


My reorder has been submitted. Please remember I want largest size 10, not large size 8 tube/tip. Thank you.

HCPB DIY ear molds are exactly what I needed.  I have a very severe hearing loss. Regular ear molds do not allow me to increase hearing aid volume without the annoying feedback. No feedback at all with the HCPB product. I had custom Lab ear molds in the past, at a cost of $150; plus only to last a few months.  

I am very pleased with your products and service!

Douglas Smith

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