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T-MINUS is “The Number 1 Tinnitus
Wellness App”

T-Minus is a free app that really stands out when it comes to personalized sound therapy. There is a huge variety of sounds that you can access, and in addition to the standard fractal tones and nature sounds, you can also choose from a number of live and unlooped recordings taken from around the world. T-minus provides excellent customization for those wishing to combine sounds, add an overlying white, brown or pink noise, or increase the volume in a particular ear.

Reduced tinnitus symptoms, better sleep and relaxation

Sound therapy has been show to affect people in these ways and T-Minus offers the most comprehensive tinnitus sound therapy library. With live, real time, non-looped recordings taken from all around the world, broadband sounds, fractal tones and binaural frequencies, accompanied by beautiful, relaxing music. The T-Minus library covers the majority of tinnitus frequencies to support ongoing tinnitus retraining therapy, habituation or just masking.

Control Through Personalisation

The sound controls section of the app, provides a frequency pure tone generator ranging from 200Hz to 12,000 Hz. Coloured noise playback, including Brown, Pink, White and Blue. Panning of sound, left and right to deliver sounds to an individual side. Volume controls to mix the settings and find the right match for your tinnitus. Personalisation and choice are important pre-requisites for longer term commitment to sound therapy. You can also share your tinnitus frequency with friends or family so they can have a greater understanding of your experiences.

Reduced anxiety Through Understanding

A key aspect to wellness is understanding the condition and the steps to take that might alleviate symptoms. We offer the most frequently asked questions and answers for new tinnitus sufferers, plus a hub for the latest feeds from the top global tinnitus charities and research bodies, plus information from relevant other specialists in the sleep and mindfulness worlds. We also offer regular Q&A’s with professionals in this field.


Whether for daily thoughts and feelings, a weekly gratitude diary or just marking down good and bad days. A journal can be a great way to re-establish your understanding of your own reactions and to become more mindful with your tinnitus.

Get Lost in Sound

Take a moment each time you listen to an album, to read the associated sleeve notes. Get lost in the visualisation of the specific sound recordings, whether the sound of crunching footsteps on a dry forest floor, or the sound of a pelican taking off from the water. You can use the sleeve notes to better understand the process Rupert goes through when creating the sound therapy tracks and to see which frequencies are covered within.

The most comprehensive tinnitus
sound therapy library in the world

and it is FREE


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