1, 2, 3 or 4 Tubes only for BTE hearing aidS.NOT OPEN FIT

HCPB HEARING AID Ear Mold Tubes are for BTE hearing aids... (over the ear hearing aids)

HCPB HEARING AID Ear Mold Tubes have been developed to use when making your own DIY custom ear molds for BTE/OE, behind or over the ear hearing aids. They are the ONLY and best answer to make your own custom ear molds.

They are NOT for use with laboratory, hard ear molds, or for use with OPEN FIT, or RIC (RECEIVER IN CANAL) hearing aids.

They are uniquely designed to hold our Medical Grade soft silicone putty, while it is formed into your custom ear mold within your ear canal. It is pre-formed to the shape of your ear and has a very soft tip at the end of the tube, that is close to your ear drum.

       The soft Tip centers the tube, retains the silicone putty  and prevents it from going into the tube end.

The soft tip prevents the tube from touching the canal and the silicone putty from entering the sound opening. 

Studies have shown, the closer the tube tip is to the ear drum, the more natural is the sound quality, so our tip is about 1/8 to 3/16" close in the average ear.

Next to the tip (dome) are 2 NEW smaller retaining/ centering rings that retain the cured silicone in position, as well as help to center the tube in the canal.

The HCPB tube can also be used as an "OPEN TUBE FITTING", if your hearing aid has feed-back reduction feature. Because it has a larger bore, It will provide more gain and a more natural frequency response than the tiny "SLIM TUBES" on the usual Open Fit hearing aids. 

Made with new longer life tube plastic

Our HCPB tubes are now made with a LONGER-LIFE material that remains flexible for a longer time, before it becomes stiff and hard. The tube has been pre-shaped to hug the face where it exits the ear. The time that it takes to get hard depends on your body chemistry (acid/ alkali balance) and perspiration content.


Your order is guaranteed to work as advertised or your money back and it is shipped FREE.

You have a choice of buying 1, 2, or 4 tubes and 3 choices of tube/tip sizes, as seen below. The tips come in SMALL, 4 mm (children), AVERAGE  ADULT, 6mm (default) and LARGE, 8 or 10 mm.


If not 100% satisfied with HCPB EB Tubes, return them for 100% money back, less shipping cost.

Choose HCPB TUBE quantity    and TIP SIZE at - CHECKOUT

 Ear Mold EB Tubes

use Tubes with HCPB Silicone Ear Mold putty

3 Tube tip size choices, SMALL, AVERAGE or LARGE  

EB Tubes are pre-shaped to fit your ear to prevent kinking

  • Tube is standard #13, LONG LIFE plastic
  • designed to hold soft Silicone Putty in place on the tube

1 TUBE, $14.77, or 2 TUBES $19.77, 4 Tubes = $29.77


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Bert EplerEE

Dear HCPB,

My hearing slowly got worse and worse. A friend gave me a pair of his old BTE hearing aids.

His hearing aid ear molds were custom made for his ears not mine. I tried various domes but they would either not stay in my ears or allow feedback.

I found HCPB selling BTE silicone molds and tubes that Don Rowley invented. What a difference!

They stayed in my ears, stopped slipping out and the audio was much better. How nice to have these problems solved.

I am locked in to your ear molds for life. Thanks Don.

Bert Epler



My reorder has been submitted. Please remember I want largest size 10, not large size 8 tube/tip. Thank you.

HCPB DIY ear molds are exactly what I needed.  I have a very severe hearing loss. Regular ear molds do not allow me to increase hearing aid volume without the annoying feedback. No feedback at all with the HCPB product. I had custom Lab ear molds in the past, at a cost of $150; plus only to last a few months.  

I am very pleased with your products and service!

Douglas Smith


Dear HCPB,

I guess I need the BTE tubes besides the HCPB  OPEN FIT Silicone kit that I bought by accident, (i SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT THE BTE EAR MOLD KIT, with tubes) also, because I am wanting to make 2 full shell molds. I previously bought the kit on ebay that did not group the different kits together. I didn't realize that there were different types of hearing aids. This site is organized much better and explains the differences. I will come back here again in the future.

Thanks for a great, low cost product.

Mark Zydog
UI/UX Designer

Valentina Amlinskaya

I think it is a great product...”

I bought the HCPB 24 mold kit from you a few years ago. I think it is a great product and it did everything that you said. They don't wiggle and slip out of my ears anymore and I hear much more clearly.

But, I bought my aids from a hearing aid dealer on ebay, he goes by the name of biddybid. I had an issue with one Hansaton "inara" hearing aid. He responded that the reason for the issue with the aid was what I was using it with earmolds, instead of open fit, RIC (Receiver In Canal). Be informed that the domes snap on to the end of the receiver. I told him he was full of it, and it was just the fact that the aid was defective.

What is your take on this? Also what is the shelf life on this product, the Silicone putty is still working, but takes about 15 minutes to become firm instead of the 8-10 minutes in the beginning? He had me make extra molds for reasons unknown, and when i got the hering aid he supposedly repaired returned, I didn't check the aid after repair, before i made the molds and wasted more silicone again. So the fact of the matter,is i am almost out of your silicone putty material, and don't want to run out. Hoping you continue to sell these kits, as they are so wonderful and low cost. You have saved me hundreds of dollars compared to the charges at the local Audiologist, who also did not want to make ear molds for me because I didn't buy the hearing aids from her.

He is one of these Russian guys, very smart but never wanting to take responsibility for anything going bad. I can say that as I have Russian heritage, also and have some of those types in my family. He finally fixed the aid and I am happy now, but I just want to make sure you will keep making the great product.

Valentina Amlinskaya
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