What Dome size is best

Joe B.

I have a couple of questions before I make my first ear mold with the kit I received yesterday.   I found the videos on you tube but they are not specific as to what type of dome gives the best results.

  1.   I have Siemens Pure S receivers that I currently use with tulip (semi closed) click domes.  I have a number of other styles and sizes that I have used and have spares of.  What is the best style to use to ensure proper fit and ability to clean the click dome and remove it to replace the wax guard on the receiver?  It seems that it would be better to use a smaller diameter click dome.  I have some 4mm that are the smallest made as well as 8 mm.  Does it make any difference to use a closed vs open click dome?  It would seem that it would no longer make a difference except for keeping the material from being  forced past the end of the receiver.
  2. I currently use concha locks to help keep the receivers in my ears.  Should I remove the concha lock or just leave it in place.  It seems like it should no longer be required
  3. Is the wire on the receiver strong enough to pull out the finished ear mold or should I add a piece of nylon fishing line to the mold material to prevent strain on the wire when pulling it out like a click mold has?
  4. I also have an open fit BTE with thin tubes that I use from time to time as a backup.  The same questions apply from above.  Will an open vs closed dome make any difference or is a dome even required as the tube has ridges for the mold material to adhere to?  Should I clip off the concha lock?

I am looking forward to do it right the first time and not risk ruining a receiver in the process.

Joe Blazenski


Hi Joe, 2/2/21

 thanks for your questions. It was very thorough but did not mention your hearing loss. Read the printed instructions that refers briefly to hearing loss considerations. I suspect that you have a severe loss from your comments..
 The concha lock is no longer needed. Keep the putty off the wax block so you can access it for replacement. You don’t need a large, tight dome. An Open Dome can lock the putty in the holes for a secure retention.
The click mold plastic pull is a good idea. Though I don’t use it. When I remove the earmold and hearing aid, I pull on the Pinna (Ear flap) which straightens the canal, making it easy to remove the earmold. 


Don, 2/3/21
  I am very pleased with the results.  I have not had earmolds before and they are a world of difference from the open fit domes.  No more feedback next to a cupboard door and no more fiddling to reset the receivers into my ears and soft sounds are easier to hear.

  FYI my hearing loss is ski slope with moderately severe at the high end – 70db @ 6000 on both ears.  The left low end is normal and the right low end mild to moderate from an ear infection decades ago.

THANKS for a great product.


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