Why hearing aids can cause itchy sore ears.

What can you do when the hearing Aid is making your ears itch?


There are many possible causes, that the medical books list.

The ear canal has very thin delicate skin; that even hair, ear wax, allergies bacteria, etc. may cause itching in the ear.  When you add a hearing aid, it can add other causes. I have been wearing hearing aids since 1956. Before I discus my experience, let us examine the usual factors.

Open Fitting hearing aids

The domes/tips for OPEN FITTINGS are made from medical grade silicone rubber. So allergic reaction is less likely than for a custom earmold made by a factory/Lab However, some people may be allergic to the cleaning agent used to clean the dome/tube tip.

One of the most common causes of itching for OPEN FITTING AIDS is poor fit of the dome in the ear canal. Whether it is a thin tube or receiver (speaker)-in-the-ear canal (RIC,RIE) style, we are dealing with non-customized fitting and limited (not perfect) tube/receiver lengths and dome sizes to select from. When people complain about itching/ irritation with an open fitting, see if the tube too short, pulling the skin of ear too tight, or is it too long, causing the hearing aid to “lie” above the ear canal? A too short tube will cause pressure on the skin; a too loose tube may cause the hearing aid to move easily and cause irritation when the head is moved, talking or chewing. Is the dome size right?

There is no perfect Dome size, because the ear canal is irregular, oval,and NOT ROUND like the Domes.. Trying to change the dome size or change to a different type of dome (open dome, tulip dome or closed dome) are the usual attempts to solve the problems.

If the physical fit is as good as can be achieved, but the person still complains about irritation, applying a bit of lubricant (such as Olive oil) on the dome may help. Finally, a customized earmold can also solve issues with itching, especially if the itching is caused by the dome not remaining in a fixed position in the ear canal, but keeps moving with smiling, chewing and talking.

Closed Dome/ earmolds

For closed fittings with custom earmolds/shells, itching or irritation can be due to poor fit, allergy to the plastic materials, moisture in the ear or a wax accumulation. Poor fit is also a common cause of itching. Allergy to earmold materials is less common than fit issues but it does happen, especially for earmolds made from Laboratory acrylic or epoxy resin. have been reported to cause contact dermatitis in the ear It can be helpful to keep hearing aids cleaned and put in a hearing aid dryer during the night.

Dry skin tends to peel or crack and is extremely sensitive to irritation; scratching will further damage the skin and make the itching worse. Alcohol should not be used to clean the ear if the skin is dry as this will make matters worse. A few drops of olive oil may help keep the ear from getting too dry and also protect it from water and bacteria. However, do not put much oil in the ear if the person wears RIC/RIE or custom in ear aids as this may cause damage to the receiver (speaker).


Itching due to wearing hearing aids is common, but it can be treated or eliminated. Make sure you get the best fit; keep both ears and hearing aids clean and dry; use lubricant or moisturizer if needed, switch to non-allergenic material (silicone rubber) if an allergic reaction occurs, and refer to an ENT or dermatologist if necessary. Using HCPB DIY Medical Grade silicone rubber earmolds solves these problems.

I spent the first 8 years of using hearing aids by using Custom Lab Lucite earmolds. I had issues with soreness, itching and poor hearing quality. Then I developed my HCPB medical grade silicone rubber earmolds. Thy solved all my problems and then offered them to my patients, in my hearing aid practice. Now they are available to anyone at this website at factory direct lowest price.

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